5 Surprising Facts Regarding Hiring Trends

In today’s recruitment environment, both human resources and candidates have a wealth of tools to facilitate the hiring process.
MRINetwork recently published its 2019 Recruitment Trends Study.

Here are five surprising findings from the study:

1) 76% of candidates expect to apply and receive feedback via mobile devices. Only 30% of employers consider their application process to be mobile-friendly.
2) 52% of companies surveyed revealed they don’t use recruitment technology. Of those that do use recruitment technology, 30% use automation tools, such as an applicant tracking system–another 30% have a mobile application process.
3) Only 26% of businesses said they use employer branding when recruiting.
4) Over half of candidates are not concerned about their social media activity. This was largely due to inactivity taking precautions while on social media.
5) 85% of candidates do not post reviews after an interview. However, 45% of employers monitor these reviews on sites like Glassdoor.

The 2019 MRINetwork Recruitment Trends Study provides many insights for companies and employers about the state of recruitment today.


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