Global Retail Executive Recruitment.

Global-Retail-Executive-RecruitmentThe global retail industry can be tough when it comes to finding the “best” talent. No company’s position is secure in today’s economy—success depends upon your ability to recruit and retain forward-thinking talent who can keep you competitive.

If only it were easy to find that talent. The market is tight, and competitors will do everything they can to lure away high-potential candidates. Retailers need to take every avenue to recruit the best. No easy feat when you’re trying to increase market share, achieve your goals, and deliver profits for shareholders.

The experts of Morisey-Dart Group are executive retail recruiters in hardlines retail. We don’t simply source candidates or fill roles. We focus on making long-lasting matches for clients and candidates.


Morisey-Dart Provides:

  • National and global retail recruitment reach
  • Efficient, cost-effective searches
  • Accurate matches with talent that has the potential to grow with you
  • Full-service, relationship-based recruiting designed for your specific needs

Global Retail Professionals We Place:

  • Category Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents of Category Management
  • Directors and Vice Presidents of Global Product Sourcing
  • Directors and Vice Presidents of eCommerce
  • Directors of Product Development
  • Managers of Product Development
  • Divisional Merchandising Managers
  • Regional and General Managers in Field Operations

Mickey Kampsen, Dir.Recruitment Services, Global Sourcing & Merchandising:
239-596-7280 x15

Mickey is a global retail recruitment professional in sourcing and merchandising and has been in recruitment since 1985. It’s her passion – she loves the recruiting business. Not many businesses give one the opportunity to bring such positive change to people’s lives.

Mickey has a sense of humor and an ability to connect with people that lends itself to being involved in a business where there’s such large personal investment and ultimately, leap of faith being made. Not only are companies hiring candidates who will have a direct and immediate effect on their company culture, but experienced candidates are making huge changes both professionally and personally when they join a new company. Uprooting a family to make a transcontinental move is a huge change even if it is for a fantastic opportunity! The more at ease people are with Mickey, the better the entire process is from both the candidate and client company perspectives.Global-Retail-Executive-Recruitment-Search-Firm

As a global retail recruitment professional, her business is built on solid relationships. Anyone can find a name these days – but to be able to really understand what a client company is looking for or to truly appreciate what a candidate is seeking or motivated by, takes a special skill. Mickey was fortunate enough to have great mentor recruiters in her industry, and she “grew up” learning the nuances of finding the hidden talent in the marketplace. Good skills are refined over time and good recruiters have been in this business for a while. This business was in her mentors’ DNA, and now it’s in hers!

Mickey specializes in global retail recruitment: hardlines: lawn / garden & tools. It’s her focus – it’s what she does.

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