Medical Device Executive Recruiters.

The evolution of the American healthcare industry, emerging global markets, increased regulation and the advancement of technology have had a great impact on the medical device industry in recent years. Companies need high-achieving talent to drive success, raising the bar and paving the way through the changing marketplace.

But competition for talent is fierce. Finding, attracting and hiring the best talent in the medical device field takes time and resources – and expertise.

Morisey-Dart Group’s medical device executive recruiters are experts in the market – they understand the challenges you face and know what top talent is looking for in a new opportunity.

Our services extend beyond a single placement. It is our goal to partner with you to help you achieve your strategic goals through:

  • Learning about your culture, your goals and your unique obstacles
  • Matching you with talent with the skill and cultural alignment to succeed
  • Controlling costs through efficient, accurate searches

Medical Device Professionals We Place:

  • CEO, President, COO
  • V.P., Director and Manager of Lean/Continuous Improvement
  • V.P., Director and Manager of Quality/Quality Assurance
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As the medical device industry’s premier talent agent, it is Micah’s responsibility to ensure our clients get introduced to the best this industry has to offer. He represents professionals that he passionately believes in and can proudly fight for when necessary.

Partnering with clients is more than filling one-time hiring needs. By understanding their culture, opportunities, challenges and how they differentiate themselves in the market, Micah identifies individuals who assimilate faster, stay longer and are more productive. Client partners repeatedly turn to Micah for three reasons:

  • Results: Micah has a proven track record, including of 12 years of experience within the medical device industry focusing in orthopedics, implants and biologics. Roles filled include presidents, general managers and division heads in the United States, Latin America and South America in some of the industry’s fastest growing and most successful companies. Sales teams across these partnerships are filled with individuals who provide results year over year. Micah’s network allows him to work wider and deeper with these partners providing human capital solutions from design to distribution covering operations, sales, marketing, senior management, finance, human resources, engineering, facilities and more.
  • Passion and Creativity: Micah is a proud and passionate Italian who wears his heart on his sleeve. “I live to hold my wife’s hand, yell myself hoarse cheering for my three sons, to cry at the opera, to cook a fine meal, to take in the world’s finest museums, and to successfully place the talent I represent within the right company. I love my career, and it makes a difference. Being the son of an artist, I have been taught to look at things from multiple angles from a very young age.” His passion for life provides a great platform to create unique and creative solutions to his client partners.
  • Refuse-to-Lose Mentality: The streets of New York City galvanized Micah as a child. They provided him with the street smarts, hustle and savvy that allow him to thrive in this fast-paced industry. Micah is a highly competitive athlete and is the grandson of a United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. He was afforded the discipline, attention to detail and relentless work ethic that have become an integral part of every search conducted.

Where talent defines a company more than a company defines talent, Micah delivers the best.

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