Managed IT Services & Transformational Leadership – Testimonials

It has been a pleasure both professionally as well personally to have worked with Steve Spencer in my most recent career placement.  Steve’s acumen regarding the corporation he was recruiting for was spot on.  In my case, I had actually worked for them once in my past.

His grasp of the position and the expectation surrounding the mission itself was, in my opinion, better than most could appreciate.  His insight into the needs of the organization gave me a better understanding and excitement leading up to the competition for the position.

I found Steve to be as willing a tutor and sounding board as needed.  His attention to detail was strong, and his ability to negotiate on my behalf at a crucial moment was frankly much stronger and successful than I would have expected.

The Morisey-Dart team had represented and placed me about 20 years ago where I had a very similar experience with Dave Dart.  Their team is excellent as is evidenced by my recent experience with Steve Spencer, and I would whole-heartedly recommend them on either side of the leadership discussion.

Larry Laissue
President, Kyocera Northwest
Seattle, WA.

WOW–Steve is a plethora of knowledge and contacts in this industry. He is humble, hard working and when we first talked found multiple opportunities for me. He is a very realistic person, knows his clients and I have referred multiple people to him because I know he is a professional and brings real opportunities to candidates. Lastly, I believe in his integrity, ethics and he is just a really nice guy. In our industry, it is hard to find REAL people. He is one of the best!

Craig Faczan

Expert in cost reduction and productivity improvement
March 2018

Steve Spencer exemplifies what a true, hardworking, honorable recruiter should aspire to be. He strategically placed me in extraordinary positions where my skill sets have been a perfect match and my compensation handsomely rewarded. Steve is the quintessential professional and his experience in negotiating and placing candidates in front of the right hiring managers at the right time have been consistent and greatly appreciated. He has guided several of my colleagues as well. Steve is well respected by employers and his network is far reaching.

I consider Steve not only my trusted advisor but a trusted friend. He always makes himself available, returns calls promptly and provides the best of professional advice and guidance. He makes me feel like I am his most important client.

It is my pleasure to recommend Steve.

Julie Baldwin

Digital Workflow Consultant at DocuWare Corporation
October 2017

To Whom It May Concern;

I wholeheartedly recommend Steve Spencer. He is a consummate professional focused on win-win strategies.

Steve has a sense of honor and ethics that are impressive and integral to his character.

He demonstrates a rare skill in being a trusted consultant and advisor to clients on all sides of a negotiation.

I am thankful for his advice. He is a professional of the highest caliber.


John Davidsson, J.D.

Career Development Professional || Executive Career Strategist || Advisor & Counselor || Founder & Owner, Olympic Resume
December 2015

It is my pleasure to recommend Steve. I am extremely fortunate to have worked for him over a period of six years. He is a true professional and a great teammate. As the Northeast Regional Network Consultant, his technical expertise was unmatched. He has the ability to understand and explain complex technical issues and effectively communicate with the client’s technical and executive groups. It was a natural progression for him to become a National Account Manager where his strong communications skills and technical expertise enabled him to establish instant credibility within national accounts and lead account teams in growing business in established accounts and win new accounts. He is a valuable asset to any company fortunate enough to have him as a member of its team.

Michael Moran

Account Executive at CREG Systems Corporation
May 2010