Medical Device – Testimonials

Micah is a truly remarkable recruiter – not just because of his sound knowledge on recruiting practices and the market but because he has an intuition about how to communicate effectively with both clients and candidates. He has a strong business acumen that is accompanied by his easy, personable style. When speaking with Micah, you immediately trust that he has your best interest in mind. Highly ethical, he delivers on his promises. He has my utmost recommendation.

Julia James, MA, SPHR
Senior HRBP at ADP Colorado



I met Micah when he recruited me to a human resources management position at a $4B firm in a small town. As a candidate, I found his enthusiasm, patience, and support to be a positive experience. Since then I have engaged Micah DiSabato continuously for over five years to recruit for hard-to-fill positions. He energetically delivers the service of a fully-retained executive search recruiter under a contingency search contract. Because of his commitment to my searches, I was willing to partner with him exclusively and trust that he would fill the job. He always did. Micah is driven to deliver fully screened, qualified candidates who are a good fit with the job and the company culture. He infuses candidates with enthusiasm about my company and they are sold on the opportunity before I ever see a resume. To ensure the offer phase is flawless, Micah always ensures that candidates are within the salary range and committed to relocating, if necessary. Whether I am the candidate or the corporate recruiting manager, I could not ask for more from a third-party recruiter. He is an effective deal maker and everybody wins.

Peggy Bridgford
Global Human Resources Leader

Micah helped me to obtain my current position. Micah is readily available and will go the extra mile to get things done. He was excellent at preparing me for interviews and for what to expect. Last, he was very professional and regularly followed up to inform me of progress. Micah made the whole experience very enjoyable. I would highly recommend him.

David Ray
Continuous Improvement Leader at Zimmer

I had the opportunity to work with Micah on a position that he was filling for a client of his. I was very impressed with Micah’s professionalism, his tenacity, and his ability to work through very tough situations. He is genuinely a sincere individual who will not only go the extra mile but 10 miles to get things done. If you want someone who does outstanding work, makes commitments and sticks to them, and has an outstanding attitude I would highly recommend Micah.

Dave Janisch
Senior Operations Executive with Significant International Multi-Plant Experience

Micah has been a joy to work with in networking career opportunities in the Orthopaedics Medical Device space. He is trustworthy, hard-working, honest, and an excellent communicator. He has a wealth of contacts in orthopaedics and understands the industry from a marketing perspective. Micah is also personable and funny and very engaging as well. He sets the “gold standard” in medical device talent acquisition and deserves my highest recommendation.

Scott Smith
Regional Sales Director at Aesculap

Micah is an outstanding professional who is focused on providing the right tools for the right job. I had the pleasure of working with Micah on several occasions while trying to fill open positions within my organization. I found that Micah was a great listener as well as he worked well balancing his goal to meet my needs while also being diligent in meeting the needs of his job applicants

I found Micah to be a hard worker and extremely efficient. I welcome the opportunity to work with him at any time in the future.

Dutch Harrison
Business Development at Tegra Medical

I’ve worked with several other recruiters in the past and hands down Micah was the cream of the crop. He is extremely knowledgeable about his clients. He knew what type of questions would be asked and was able to prepare me for interviews like no other. He was always available to talk on the phone and if he was busy he always made time to return my calls.

Jason Elder
Plant Controller

As a recruiter, Micah prepared me for my interviews better than any of the other many recruiters I’ve worked with. His long-term relationship with his client and his understanding of his client’s business and needs was a deciding factor in my decision to take this job. He was very effective acting as an intermediary during the negotiations and I accepted this job directly as a result of his work. Finally, he is always pleasant and enjoyable to talk with, even when the topics are tough.

Stephen Lingeman
Product Management – Sports Medicine at LifeNet Health

I have worked with Micah on both sides of the table. First, he brought outstanding to candidates to me for multiple positions and secondly, he is who I turned to when I was ready to make a change in my career. Micah is an excellent listener and asks great questions to make you think about your needs beyond what you have thought of. I value his recommendations on a professional level and consider him a friend on a personal level.

Kip Cummings, CPA
Financial Controller North America at ESAB

Micah brought me nothing but top talent candidates that also had excellent presentation in person. He kept me informed of progress with timely updates and practical insights.

I would highly recommend Micah for any searches in the healthcare space. He accelerated our 16-month search for a Nursing Manager – I wish I’d found him much earlier!!

Melissa Dansby
Meridian Surgical Partners