FAQs From Hiring Managers and Their Companies.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to professional search consultants. It isn’t easy to cut through the noise and get to the facts. If you have questions about Morisey-Dart executive recruitment services, we have answers.

What is an executive search or executive recruitment firm?

An executive search firm helps companies find and hire top-performing talent that helps them solve problems, meet demands for growth and control costs, while improving efficiency. These positions range from mid- to high-level jobs in the banking, construction, medical device, health information technology and document management/MPS industries from mid-management to C-level positions.

What makes the Morisey-Dart Group different from other executive search firms?

The Morisey-Dart Group team brings 75-plus years collectively in staffing, executive recruitment and human resource expertise to work for you.

Here are some things that set Morisey-Dart executive recruiters apart from other firms:

  • As a network partner of the MRINetwork, the Morisey-Dart Group has access to top-performing talent through a global network of contacts both nationally and internationally in 35 countries – so there is no location obstacle when we search for your top talent
  • Source for the best industry-specific talent, which in many cases are passive candidates – those already working successfully in their fields and not actively looking for a new role
  • Proven, time-tested precision recruitment methods
  • Efficiency of process
  • Market-specific expertise

All these factors help the Morisey-Dart team give time back to you, the client, and provide the best value for your recruiting dollars.

What is the background of the Morisey-Dart Group leadership?

Dave Dart is the President of the Morisey-Dart Group.

He has a classic sales and sales management background underpinning 21+ years of executive recruitment experience.

What types of industries does the Morisey-Dart Group recruit for?

Morisey-Dart Group has executive recruiters who specialize in the following areas: Residential, Commercial & Real Estate Development, and Heavy Highway/Civil (Roads and Bridges) Construction industries. However, our affiliation with the MRINetwork gives us access to the top-performing candidates across all industries.

What types of placement services does the Morisey-Dart Group offer?

The Morisey-Dart Group specializes in both permanent and temporary-to-permanent staffing and placements. Whether retained or contingency, you’ll receive vigorous attention through a highly developed confidential network of skilled professionals.

Where is the Morisey-Dart Group located, and does it matter where my business is located?

Morisey-Dart Group is headquartered in Naples, FL and is part of a network of over 850 offices both nationally and internationally. Access to the global candidate network allows us to find top-performing candidates for your business no matter where you are located.

How long has the Morisey-Dart Group been in the business?

Linda Morisey Dart and Dave Dart opened the Morisey-Dart Group as an affiliate of MRINetwork on September 4, 2001.

Are the executive searches kept confidential?

Yes. The Morisey-Dart Group believes in keeping all client and candidate information confidential and does not share any information with other parties.

How long does it normally take to complete an executive search?

It is not easy to give an exact answer as to how long it can take since each situation can vary; however, there are some factors that can determine the length of time. These include things like client urgency, client response time, appeal of the company and position in the marketplace, or pool size of available candidates.

What is the typical fee for your executive recruitment services?

The Morisey-Dart Group’s fees are typically a percentage of the hired candidate’s first-year salary. You can request information regarding recruitment fees and how to get started here.

How can I get in touch with a Morisey-Dart Group recruiter?

Visit our Contact Us page, or call us at 239-596-7280.

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