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Do you have questions about working with Morisey-Dart executive recruiters? Find answers here.

What is an executive search or executive recruitment firm?

An executive search firm helps companies find and hire top-performing candidates that help them solve problems, meet demands for growth and control costs, while improving efficiency. These positions range from mid- to high-level jobs such as those in mid-management to C-level positions.

Why should I use an executive recruiting firm?

Candidates who are presented through an executive recruiter are perceived as high-level talent. Hiring managers know executive recruiters invest a lot of time seeking out and pre-screening candidates who have the required skill sets before they are presented to companies.

What makes Morisey-Dart Group different from other recruiting firms?

The Morisey-Dart Group doesn’t just collect resumes and try to place candidates in jobs to just fill a position. We’re part of a network of global offices that uses proven methods that enable us to take the time to understand our candidates, their preferences, experience and skill sets so we make sure we are putting them in a position that is suitable for both the hiring company and the candidate.

We want to build lasting relationships with our candidates, so we can help them step through the stages of their career and help them achieve their career goals.

What types of industries does the Morisey-Dart Group recruit for?

The Morisey-Dart Group has executive recruiters that specialize in the following areas: Residential, Commercial & Heavy Highway/Civil (Roads and Bridges) Construction, Medical Device Manufacturing, Managed Services (Print & IT), Retail: Global Sourcing & Merchandising, 3D Printing, and Precision Machining (CNC) & Manufacturing industries. However, our affiliation with the MRINetwork gives us access to the top-performing candidates across all industries. We will gladly refer you to another network expert in your industry if we don’t have one on our team.

What types of placement services do you provide for job candidates?

The Morisey-Dart Group specializes in assisting job candidates with both permanent and temporary-to-permanent placements; however, our job doesn’t stop there. Candidates who work with our executive recruiters receive coaching and special attention that helps them determine their career paths and growth opportunities.

Our recruiters take the time to search for and identify only positions that reflect our candidates’ preferences. Additionally, our candidates are prepared and briefed on the hiring company before actually meeting with the hiring managers or HR professionals for an interview.

Once we’ve placed candidates in their positions, we help them through the transition period to make sure everything moves along smoothly for them.

I’m not sure where I want to go next in my career, can an executive recruiter help me?

The executive recruiters at the Morisey-Dart Group want to establish long-term relationships with their candidates. You’ll have the unique opportunity to work with seasoned professionals who will coach you and help you determine your career direction, as well as help you with your personal growth.

Where is the Morisey-Dart Group located, and does it matter where I live?

Morisey-Dart Group is headquartered in Naples, FL and is part of a network of over 850 offices both nationally and internationally. We have access to a global network of companies and positions that allows us to help you with your executive job search no matter where you are located.

How long has the Morisey-Dart Group been in the business?

Linda (Morisey) Dart and Dave Dart opened the Morisey-Dart Group as an affiliate of MRINetwork on September 4, 2001.

Is my job search and the information I submit to the Morisey-Dart Group kept confidential?

Yes. The Morisey-Dart Group believes in keeping all candidate information confidential and does not share any information with other parties.

What is the cost for me to use an executive recruiter?

The candidates do not pay a fee. The hiring company pays the recruiter based on a mutual agreement negotiated ahead of time.

Can the Morisey-Dart Group help me find a permanent position?

Yes. The Morisey-Dart Group specializes in both permanent and temporary-to-permanent placements.

How can I get in contact with a Morisey-Dart Group recruiter?

Visit our Morisey-Dart Group website staff page, or call us at 239-596-7280.

Can I send you my resume or apply online?

You can submit your resume or visit our Search Jobs page that allows you to apply for posted jobs online.

Do I need to come into your office for an interview?

Typically, you get started by working with your executive recruiter over the phone. They will speak with you to find out about you, your preferences, experience, skill sets and career goals. When you start interviewing for a specific position, the types of interviews (whether by phone or in person) and their locations are established by the hiring company.

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