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banking-finance-compliance-search firmsIt can be tough when it comes to finding the “best” talent in banking, finance, or compliance. No company’s position is secure in today’s economy—success depends upon your ability to recruit and retain forward-thinking talent who can keep you competitive.

If only it were easy to find that talent. The market is tight, and competitors will do everything they can to lure away high-potential candidates. Companies need to take every avenue to recruit the best. No easy feat when your competition is looking for the same high-performing professionals.

The experts at Morisey-Dart Group are staffing experts (both contract and permanent) in banking, finance, and compliance. We don’t simply source candidates or fill roles. We focus on making long-lasting matches for clients and candidates. Focusing on a variety of roles, as your partner, we’ll remove the burden from you and find the innovative key player or opportunity that you need.


Morisey-Dart Provides:

  • National and global recruitment reach
  • Permanent and contract staffing services for your specific needs
  • Efficient, cost-effective searches
  • Accurate matches with talent that has the potential to grow with you
  • Full-service, relationship-based recruiting designed for your specific needs

We Place Professionals in Banking, Finance & Compliance:

  • Vice Presidents and Directors
  • CEO, CFO
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Cyber Security
  • Compliance/Risk Management
  • SOC/SOX Compliance
  • Mortgage/Commercial Loan

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Christine Martinez, Director of Recruitment:
239-596-7280 x12

Christine Martinez, Director of Recruitment

Christine Martinez joined the Morisey-Dart Group in 2023 as the Director of Recruitment. She has 24 years’ plus experience in high-end staffing and contract and project based recruitment. Christine has successfully assisted in building three contract/staffing practices.  Her expertise includes working with major institutions specializing in areas such as:

*Information Technology, Security, Cyber Security
*Banking, Finance & Compliance, Accounting
*Risk Management
*Administrative, and more!

Christine is a seasoned professional with a proven track record in recruiting for various industries.

She has placed high-end professional roles in both Permanent and Contract Staffing:  VP, CFO, CEO, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Cyber Security, AML/KYC/BSA, Compliance/Risk Management, SOC/SOX Compliance, Mortgage/Commercial Loan

Thomas Seavey, Managing Director:
239-596-7280 x14

Thomas Seavey, Managing Director

Thomas Seavey joined the Morisey-Dart Group in 2023 as Managing Director; he has more than 38 years of experience in providing top-level contract, project, and permanent staffing to major corporations, financial institutions, and CPA firms on a domestic and international basis.

Thomas has successfully built 6 specialty “solutions-based” contract and project staffing providers from scratch.

His areas of expertise include:

*Anti-money laundering
*Bank Secrecy Act
*Transactional look-backs
*Suspicious Activity Reporting
*Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
*Foreign Agents Registration Act
*Enhanced Due Diligence
*Customer Due Diligence
*Commercial Loan Review
*Mortgage Loan Review
*SOX Compliance
*SOC Compliance
*Enterprise Risk Management
*Disaster Recovery

Organizational involvement: ACAMS

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