4 Strategies to Communicate Change Effectively and Motivate Employees

4-Strategies-to-Communicate-Change-to-EmployeesChange in an organization is never an easy transition. Many times, executives don’t communicate changes to their employees in a timely manner. Either they don’t think it is important enough, or they just don’t know how to do it. This can leave employees with an “uneasy” feeling that leads to also feeling undervalued.

A Quantum Workplace survey states that one-third of employees did not understand why changes were occurring because their company failed to communicate about the changes that were taking place within the organization.

Here are 4 strategies to help engage employees through clear communication:

1) Be honest about the changes coming to your organization.

Your employees’ day to day may be impacted by the upcoming changes. Letting them know ahead of time minimizes that feeling of uneasiness during those changes–so it’s critical to be forthright about any plans.
Work with senior leadership to draft a clear and concise narrative, explaining the reasons for the change/s.

2) Speak with managers about impacted employees.

This ensures they are knowledgeable about what is happening.

3) Give your employees proactive advice on what to do.

When you provide actionable tips to help people succeed during periods of change, they will feel taken care of and motivated to continue working for your organization.

4) Keep communication channels open with your employees.

Always allow them to ask questions, then provide their feedback to the leadership team.

As a result, your workers will feel empowered to help your organization succeed as it transforms for the best.


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