Top Reasons Why Candidates Abandon an Outdated Application Process recent 2019 MRINetwork Recruitment Trends Study found that there is a big difference between the easy application process job candidates expect and the antiquated systems that are still in place when it comes to applying for opportunities online.

Candidates are frustrated with the current online job application process–some obstacles they see are long applications, inability to make an in-person presentation, or the possibility of their resume never getting seen in the first place (especially when spending time dealing with the long, online application process).

Here are some of the concerns candidates expressed in a survey when it comes to the outdated application process:

* 76% of candidates say they expect an easy way to apply via mobile device AND have an ability to receive feedback
* 71% of candidates are frustrated that they upload a resume and are then still expected to manually enter the resume info
* 58% of candidates are concerned they submit resumes for positions they are qualified for and never know if they get seen by a “real person”
* 40% of candidates think applications take too long to complete (longer than 15 minutes)
* 31% of candidates don’t appreciate requests for items upfront that should only be applicable if they make it to later stages of the hiring process (i.e. social security number, references, previous employers, etc.)
* 22% of candidates are frustrated they don’t have a chance to plead their case by communicating experience and circumstances when they have not followed a traditional career path

* * ONLY 30% of employers say they offer a “mobile-friendly” application process — if 76% of candidates expect a modern, mobile way to apply for a position — hiring managers are probably missing out on a considerable amount of top talent!

What can your organization do to improve your overall hiring process? It may be worth the time it takes to do a hiring process audit.


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