How to Foster a Culture of Learning in Your Organization

Work learning culture

“Your organization should reward continuous learning.”
-Harvard Business Review

With new technologies, employees can develop skills easier than ever.

Employees can enroll in part-time online classes to earn certificates and degrees. They can also take one-off courses through programs like LinkedIn Learning.


1. It is important to reward your workers who seek out these learning opportunities.

“It’s impossible to trigger deliberate changes in your team’s culture unless you put a reward system into play to entice them.”
-Harvard Business Review

These reward systems could entail bonuses or pay for course work and schooling.

2. It is crucial to train your managers to understand why learning is important.

“Even when managers understand its importance, they are more interested in boosting short-term results, which
can be the enemy of learning.”
-Harvard Business Review

Therefore, train managers so they don’t solely focus on short-term results.

3. Lead by example.

“Leading by example is a critical driver of success for developing a culture of learning.”
-Harvard Business Review

The more senior that leaders are, the more impactful their behaviors become.

Accordingly, if you want to unlock learning in your organization–practice what you preach.

Foster a culture of learning this year and make your employees more productive.

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