The UPs and Downs of Temporary Staffing by Industry

Temporary staffing revenue shows continued improvement: Pulse survey
Released on December 1, 2020, (re-posted from MRINetwork, Pulse)

Revenue growth continues to improve among staffing firms taking part in SIA’s Pulse Survey, according to the “US Staffing Industry Pulse Survey Report: November 2020 Selected Highlights,” released Monday. Travel nursing was a particularly bright spot.

The report, which covers data from the month of October, found temporary staffing revenue declined by a median 1% year over year. While down, that is still an improvement of four percentage points from the previous report that covered September.

However, growth varied by segment with travel nursing revenue surging 21% year over year in October. In a Staffing Industry Review article, healthcare staffing executives reported the ongoing demand created by the fight against Covid-19 is raising demand for nurses.

Marketing/creative staffing and per diem nursing also posted year-over-year increases in revenue, up 5% and 4% respectively.

Still, revenue fell in other temporary staffing segments. The largest decrease, down 19%, occurred in finance/accounting staffing. It was followed by engineering/design staffing, down 12%.

The selected highlights of the Pulse survey report are available to corporate members of SIA; the full Pulse report is available only to companies that took part in the survey. For more information on participating in the next survey, contact SIA Research Analyst Curtis Starkey at

Original author: Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) | Daily News


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