The Number One Reason Your Company Should Communicate with Job Candidates in the Hiring Process…They Talk to Each Other!

We get it. Your HR department and hiring managers are busier than ever—they are short-handed and can’t seem to accomplish everything that needs to get done in a day.
Enter this common trend—”ghosting”—the lack of communication with job candidates—disappearing off of their radar—leaving them hanging and ultimately forgotten.

The Number One Reason Your Company Should Communicate with Job Candidates… They Talk to Each Other!
The only problem with this trend is that it can hurt your company’s reputation because these same job candidates are in touch with other candidates, colleagues, and friends and they talk to each other.

Felicia Sullivan, author of How “Ghosting” Your Candidates Can Kill Your Small Business reveals the top reasons why avoiding communication is not a good idea and what you can do to fix it.

Oddly enough, if your company does a good job communicating with job candidates—your company will stand out in a positive light because the problem is currently so common, you’ll look like the company that has it all together!

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