How to Encourage Job Candidates to Post Glassdoor Reviews

Do you encourage job candidates to post Glassdoor reviews after a job interview? If not, you should–here’s why!

candidates-posting-reviews-after-job-interviewsAfter job interviews, candidates often share the details of their interviews with colleagues, friends, and family.
According to the 2019 MRINetwork Recruitment Trends Study, “…86% of candidates are not pursuing online destinations like Glassdoor.”

Reviews on these sites can be invaluable for both employers and other applicants.

“45% of businesses said they actively monitor these portals to see what candidates are saying about their interview experiences.”

How can companies encourage interviewees to leverage these sounding boards?

Here are some suggestions for employers:

1) Stress the importance of feedback.
Encourage candidates to leave comments on these sites whether it’s on the job posting, or after an interview.

2) Offer examples of how feedback has changed company policy. (including the hiring process)
This demonstrates an employee-centric focus. When candidates post reviews, they are helping others who are like them, looking for the right fit–and they are painting a picture for other applicants.

Reviews have the potential to make a lasting impact–they can provide constructive criticism about the company that lead to ongoing dialogue between both job candidates and employers.


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