How to Keep From Getting Frustrated During the Job Application Process

The job application process is rarely easy.

It can sometimes take weeks (if not months) to secure an initial job interview. The 2019 MRINetwork Recruitment Trends Study found 3 “top frustrations” for candidates during their job search.

* 71% dislike uploading a resume and still being asked to manually enter information
* 58% dislike submitting a resume for a role for which they’re qualified, knowing that it may never be seen by a real person
* 40% are frustrated by applications that take too long to complete

These strategies will help keep you from getting frustrated and access more jobs during the job application process:

1) Partner with an industry-specific recruiter—a recruiter will often know about unposted jobs in your industry.
2) Let your contacts know you are on the hunt—speak with your friends and family in person and make use of social media.

By following this advice, you can increase the odds of finding a great job and decrease your chances of an over frustrating job search.

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