Why the Hiring Process for Candidates Takes Longer

Companies are pressed to fill a role quickly–yet hiring seems to keep taking longer.
According to the 2019 MRINetwork Recruitment Trends Study, employers cited a lack of qualified talent as the “top” reason for hiring delays.

Other key reasons leading to a lengthier hiring process include:
1) Candidates’ resumes are sitting in hiring managers’ inboxes.
2) Recruiters don’t always push back on unrealistic expectations.
3) A general lack of communication between the hiring manager and recruiter.

So if you are a candidate, here is what to expect and some advice on how to achieve success:
1) You will need to ace many rounds of interviews.
2) Be sure to do your research ahead of time.
3) Be human and don’t try to have all of the answers.
4) Interview the company and take time to ask questions.

By taking these pieces of advice into consideration, you will be better equipped to maximize each interview.


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