Avoid Requesting this Information Too Early in the Recruitment Process

Avoid Requesting this Information Too Early in the Recruitment ProcessWhen you’re trying to hire the best talent for your company, it is key to provide a streamlined application process.

To eliminate candidate frustration that may cause them to abandon the application process,
stop asking job seekers for the following information up front:

1) Don’t ask for references too early.

Wait until the final stages of the hiring process.

2) Try not to request social security information until it’s necessary.

While it may be required for onboarding—it’s invasive at the application stage and is off-putting.

3) Avoid requesting contact information from former employers too soon.

This information is not necessary to evaluate whether candidates have the skills or experience that the job requires.

Overall, keep the initial application process short and sweet to avoid turning off future employees who could add value to your company.


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