How to Increase New Hire Retention in a High-Turnover Work Environment

With unemployment at a record low, new hires have no problem leaving one job opportunity to try another if they are not happy. The question is, “What can be done to keep your new hires happy so they don’t want to look for other opportunities in the first place?”

According to the Allied Workforce Mobility Study, “Thirty-three percent of new hires look for a new job within the first six months of starting a job.”

Here’s how to improve the odds of helping a new hire become a success story.

1) Treat your new hires with courtesy and respect.

(Check in with them before the start date via phone or email to reduce the chances of “ghosting” on day one.)

2) Be sure their work station is ready, clean, and inviting to make a great first impression.

(Prepare a list of logins and passwords and have their company email ready for their first day.)

3) Get their profile on your website and promote their hire on social media and other platforms.

4) Enroll your new employees in training to avoid any lag time.

5) Introduce them to everyone in the office on their first day.

(Take them to lunch on the first day if possible and invite the whole team!)

6) During the first 30 to 90 days, schedule regular meetings with your new hire.

Focus on their success no matter how small to encourage and motivate them.

Make an effort to continually invest in coaching them to success. You and your team worked hard to get them onboard– now have a plan to keep them!


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