Benefits Your Organization Can Offer to Attract New Talent


When you’re facing an especially tight labor market, benefits such as sign-on bonuses can help you attract a candidate and get him or her to choose your company over a competitor.

“Ensuring your company has benefits that fit the needs of the next generation workforce is one of the most important things you can do to set your organization up for success,” according to Forbes.

Some perks you may want to consider adding to your organization include:

  • Relocation assistance:

    If a candidate is looking to move to join your firm, you can offer to help pay some of the costs, including flights, moving expenses, and even rent.

  • A monetary sign-on bonus:

    This can be an attractive way to get strong talent to your firm as it’ll show that your company truly respects a person’s experience – and is willing to put money down to prove it.

  • Helping employees pay off student loans:

    With student loan debt the highest it’s ever been, employees can truly benefit from this perk. This will illustrate a desire by your organization to support workers’ lifestyle needs and their education.

  • Paid days off (PDO):

    Potential candidates want to ask about PDO, but don’t want to appear overly interested in time off, in comparison to the responsibilities of the job. However, they do want to know their hard work is recognized with the ability to take time off.  They especially appreciate their birthday as an additional day off. Take the awkwardness out of these conversations by proactively discussing your vacation and paid time off policies with applicants.

  • Gym membership and other health benefits:

    Work-life balance is an important part of any job. Candidates will appreciate a company that wants to take care of them not only financially, but physically as well.

Forbes notes, these types of benefits will be especially attractive to millennial employees. “Companies that offer these benefits will attract and retain the best talent – and prevent significant turnover costs as well,” according to the publication.

Today, applicants have numerous options in a tight job market, so it is important your organization offers them advantages that give them reasons to want to join your company.


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