How to Boost Efficiency During the Recruitment Process

(Without Losing the Human Element!)

When looking to hire top talent, it can often become a numbers game.

According to the 2019 MRINetwork Recruitment Trends Study, 95% of candidates said their interview experience strongly influenced their decision to accept a job.

Here’s how to boost efficiency while recruiting, without losing the human experience:

1) Make communication crucial during the recruiting process.

If a candidate is taking the time to apply, it’s best to keep them in the loop.

Applicants expect prospective employers to maintain two-way communication with them about where they stand in the recruitment process.
-Jessica Hagy, Careers Expert

Communication is also crucial in increasing recruiting efficiency. Miscommunication can lead to candidates applying to roles at rival companies, where as if you kept in touch, you may have avoided this fate.

2) Make interviews personal, enjoyable, and effective at illustrating company culture.

74% of candidates feel the interview process is revealing of a company’s work culture. Therefore, it is important that everyone involved in the recruitment process is highly trained on how to conduct a strong interview. Be personable when interviewing candidates. Ask for personal stories, specific anecdotes, or ask questions in a conversational way.

The interview is a powerful tool to discuss work, work-life balance, and more! Candidates are looking for much more than a cut-and-dry interview–much can be garnered from what is said and what is not said in the interview by the hiring managers involved. Candidates want to be courted–if it seems as though you don’t want them–they won’t want you.


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