How to Successfully Evaluate a New Employer

tips on how a candidate can successfully evaluate a new employer
Taking a new job is a huge move and requires a large leap of faith in a company.

Here are tips on how a candidate can successfully evaluate a new employer:

#1 – Ask yourself, can you see yourself working at the new job for at least a year?

“Think beyond the role and envision a career path with the company. You want to be sure you see a future, rather than having to repeat a search in a year’s time.”


#2 – Evaluate the employee compensation and benefits package.

“No matter how perfect the job is or how excited you are to get an offer, always negotiate…including benefits like flexibility, time off, transportation, etc.”

While the work may be great, it’s important to weigh the compensation package.

#3 – Evaluate whether a potential employer is a culture fit.

“The most important thing job seekers should look for in a new job offer before agreeing to take on the position is cultural fit and values alignment.”

By doing this, you can decide if you want to accept the job offer or not.

Evaluating potential employers is no easy feat, but it’s vital to your career.


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