US employers could save $11,000 per remote worker annually

Released on January 15, 2020, (re-posted from MRINetwork, Pulse)

save money with remote workersUS employers could save $11,000 per remote worker per year if employees worked remotely an average of 2.5 days a week, according to a study released this week by Global Workplace Analytics, a San Diego-based provider of research on agile work.

Global Workplace Analytics said the employers would save a collective $500 billion per year if the 48 million full-time employees in the US who hold a job compatible with remote work and say they would like to work remotely at least weekly did so 2.5 days per week. The study found 45% of the 48 million full-time employees would like to work from home and 82% of those would like to work from home at least weekly.

The savings are net of extra costs an employer might incur to support remote work and are the result of increased productivity; greater agility; and reduced real estate, absenteeism and turnover costs.

“Many like to make the conversation about remote work polar — either everyone is in the office or everyone is remote,” said Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics. “In reality, the majority of US employees prefer a mix of both with half-time being the average desired frequency.”

It costs $670 per employee annually to outfit a home office, according to information from the organization.

Original author: Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) | Daily News


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