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4 Strategies to Communicate Change Effectively and Motivate Employees

Change in an organization is never an easy transition. Many times, executives don’t communicate changes to their employees in a timely manner. Either they don’t think it is important enough, or they just don’t know how to do it. This can leave employees with an “uneasy” feeling that leads to also feeling undervalued. A Quantum… Read more »

Change Management: 3 Strategies to Help Your Business Make Effective Changes

Setting up the Change Management Process for Success Imagine this scenario: your company is preparing for organizational change now or in the coming months. Maybe you need to restructure in order to drive greater productivity and revenue. Perhaps change management is necessary at your firm to complete a large merger or acquisition; regardless of the… Read more »

Tips to Help Employers and Candidates Navigate Wage Laws in the Hiring Process

The wage gap between men and women in the workplace was the catalyst for business owners and lawmakers alike to implement policies that guard against unconscious biases through initiatives such as the Equal Pay Act and Can’t Ask Salary laws. While these protections provide a good baseline, the following strategies can serve as a helpful… Read more »

Retaining the Best Talent: 10 Questions a Boss Should Ask Every Team Member

You’ve worked hard to find and get the “top” talent you need to produce results. Don’t sit back and get too comfortable; now you have to make sure you retain those “A” players on your team.  It’s in your best interest to engage with them and find out what makes them passionate about life and… Read more »

4 Easy Tips to Implement an Effective Contingent Workforce Recruitment Strategy

According to Staffing Industry Analysts’ Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey 2018, respondents report that 22 percent of their staff is currently contingent and project that by 2028 that figure will rise to 30 percent. As the blended workforce continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to perfect your company’s recruitment strategies to consistently hire strong… Read more »

“Top” 5 Employment Trends Businesses Should Expect This Year

2018 WAS A YEAR THAT WON’T BE FORGOTTEN, particularly for U.S. employers. Over 2 million jobs were created, pushing unemployment to a historic low of just 3.7 percent. This jobless rate, last witnessed back in the 1960s, made it difficult for many companies to bring in highly-skilled permanent and contract talent. This hiring dynamic is expected to continue in 2019,… Read more »

Employee Perks: 3 Tips for Taking Advantage of Company Incentives

Top workforce challenges that employers will be prioritizing in 2019 include attracting and retaining top talent, training and employee engagement, according to the 2018 MRINetwork Performance Management Study. With increased focus on these areas, the MRINetwork poll revealed that many of the best programs employers have to offer are the same ones that workers desire. The issue is… Read more »

How Leveraging Training Programs Can Attract and Retain Star Employees of All Ages

While many employees may be comfortable in their current roles, it’s probably safe to say that most top talent want to continually advance in their career. Regardless of whether the goal is to be promoted within a company, or simply stay up-to-date on new skills or technologies – high performers of all generational groups want… Read more »

Workforce Priorities for 2019–What’s in it for employees?

New Ways to Attract and Keep Good Talent Last year flew by–before we knew it, another year was here. In 2019, businesses are taking notice that good candidates are tough to come by in this “candidate driven” market. They are looking at the hiring challenges they had last year and are trying to come up… Read more »

Counteroffers: Reasons Why They Do More Harm Than Good!

How Employers View Counteroffers You’ve just accepted a great new job offer. The only problem is now your current employer is offering an enticing counteroffer to make you stay. As many industries struggle to find the qualified candidates they seek, businesses are increasingly fighting to retain key staff members by making counteroffers. However, just because… Read more »