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Networking: the New, Hybrid World of Work

Best Practices for Networking in the New, Hybrid World of Work By Nancy Halverson Like hiring, commuting, group brainstorming, and other aspects of the World of Work, networking has completely changed due to COVID-19. In some ways, the pandemic has made connecting with colleagues and professional acquaintances more difficult. For one, digital channels have become… Read more »

Employment Summary for April 2021

Employment Summary for April 2021 The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) today reported total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 266,000, continuing a four month increase in job growth but significantly below consensus estimates. Unemployment rate increased slightly to 6.1 percent, well below its April 2020 high of 14.7 percent. Job growth was led by continued… Read more »

STAR Update – April 2021 “A Beginner’s Guide to Employer Branding”

A Beginner’s Guide to Employer Branding By Jessica Hollander-Torres When consultant Simon Barrow introduced the term “employer brand” in 1990, many HR and communications professionals dismissed it as another marketing buzzword. In fact, it wasn’t until a few years later — when job boards went virtual — that the term received widespread attention. Almost overnight,… Read more »

How to Have Conversations With Your Team About Burnout

How to Have Conversations With Your Team About Burnout By Annette Wehrli 2020 was a tough year. In addition to impacting how we conduct our personal lives, the pandemic has drastically transformed the World of Work and, unfortunately, many employees are feeling burnt out as a result. To start with, many people have reached a… Read more »

Employment Summary for February 2021

Employment Summary for February 2021 The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) today reported total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 379,000 in February, significantly above consensus estimates. Unemployment rate fell 6.2% or 10 million unemployed persons. Most of the job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, with smaller gains in temporary help services, healthcare and social… Read more »

When Is the Best Time to Hire?

When Is the Best Time to Hire? By Joe Mullings One of the most common stressors for companies is knowing when to hire. Many build out hiring plans for the next year in late Q3 or Q4 while they’re deep in budgeting mode, and start hiring in Q1 when bonuses have been paid out vacation… Read more »

BLS Employment Situation Report for January 2021

  Employment Summary for January 2021 Total nonfarm payroll employment improved slightly in January as robust gains in professional and business services were offset somewhat by declines in leisure and hospitality and in retail trade sectors. The January job gain of 49,000 was in-line with most analysts’ expectations and represented an improvement over the weak December… Read more »

How to Handle a Leadership Change in Your Organization

Most human beings resist change. After all, the unknown is uncomfortable. Changes in leadership are no exception — with them comes a natural apprehension. What direction will the new leader take? How does that impact your future? However, with the right mindset and a smart approach, changes in leadership can lead to great opportunities. They… Read more »

Study says: 76% of US companies say hiring demand will return to pre-pandemic levels this year

Released on January 21, 2021, (re-posted from MRINetwork, Pulse) Hiring demand will approach, return to or exceed pre-pandemic levels this year, according to the 2021 Future of Recruiting Study published by CareerArc, a provider of a social recruiting platform. Of companies surveyed, 76% believe hiring demand will return this year. CareerArc’s survey also discovered that companies… Read more »

US employers could save $11,000 per remote worker annually

Released on January 15, 2020, (re-posted from MRINetwork, Pulse) US employers could save $11,000 per remote worker per year if employees worked remotely an average of 2.5 days a week, according to a study released this week by Global Workplace Analytics, a San Diego-based provider of research on agile work. Global Workplace Analytics said the… Read more »