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How to Keep From Getting Frustrated During the Job Application Process

The job application process is rarely easy. It can sometimes take weeks (if not months) to secure an initial job interview. The 2019 MRINetwork Recruitment Trends Study found 3 “top frustrations” for candidates during their job search. * 71% dislike uploading a resume and still being asked to manually enter information * 58% dislike submitting… Read more »

Does Your Interview Process Communicate the Right Message to Candidates?

The interview process is crucial for both employers and candidates. This is not only a chance for employers to learn about applicants, but also for candidates to fall in love with the role and the company culture. That’s why the interview process has to communicate the right message to prospective candidates. Here are a few… Read more »

New Hire Performance Tracking

(strategies to consider when tracking a new hire’s effectiveness) After completing multiple rounds of interviews and presenting a job offer to a promising candidate, the work has in many ways just begun. Now that the new employee is starting at your organization, it’s crucial that you help ensure their success–new hire performance tracking can do… Read more »

How to Encourage Job Candidates to Post Glassdoor Reviews

Do you encourage job candidates to post Glassdoor reviews after a job interview? If not, you should–here’s why! After job interviews, candidates often share the details of their interviews with colleagues, friends, and family. According to the 2019 MRINetwork Recruitment Trends Study, “…86% of candidates are not pursuing online destinations like Glassdoor.” Reviews on these… Read more »

Working From Home – How Important Is It?

Recently, some large companies have curtailed the ability of their employees to work from home, now asking staff to work in corporate offices. These changes are focused on driving increased collaboration, creativity, mentoring and innovation, but may alienate top talent in the executive, managerial and professional labor market – a sector that has been candidate-driven… Read more »

Tips to Help Your Organization Reduce Employee Turnover Rates!

As job choices increase and more contract options become available  to your “top talent”—-how will you deal with employee turnover rates? According to the 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey, 43 percent of millennials plan to leave their jobs in the next two years and 61 percent of Gen Z’s say they would also leave their jobs within… Read more »

Demand for Recruiters Increases, In Spite of Technology

How will increased use of technology change reliance on recruiters in the hiring process? The digital landscape and innovative technology have fundamentally changed the way many organizations conduct business. This includes how employers seek out new hires. How will increased use of technology change reliance on recruiters in the hiring process? From artificial intelligence to… Read more »

How to Deal with Change at Work: Talk to Other Co-Workers in Your Company

No one loves change; especially when it is at their place of work. When your company is undergoing change, it’s essential to talk to your co-workers. There are ways to deal with change in your workplace by driving conversations that are impactful and lead to greater job satisfaction. The following strategies can make discussions productive:… Read more »

Top Reasons Why Candidates Abandon an Outdated Application Process

The recent 2019 MRINetwork Recruitment Trends Study found that there is a big difference between the easy application process job candidates expect and the antiquated systems that are still in place when it comes to applying for opportunities online. Candidates are frustrated with the current online job application process–some obstacles they see are long applications, inability… Read more »

Are You Losing Top Talent in the Application Process? Here’s Why!

How to Ensure Your Job Application Process Isn’t Eliminating Top Talent Take a look around, almost everywhere you go it seems everyone is on a mobile device. These mechanisms provide us with 24/7 access and the ability to instantly connect to work, and almost every aspect of our personal lives. It should be no surprise… Read more »