Words and Phrases You Should Avoid Using in a Job Interview

Here are the words and phrases you should avoid using in a job interview.Here are the words and phrases you should avoid using in a job interview.

#1 Need: A job interview is not about focusing on your needs as a possible employee. Instead talk about the value you can bring to the organization.

“This is the time to talk about their needs and what you can do to fulfill them. Talking about your needs will flag you as high-maintenance.”

-Michael Kerr, Careers Expert

#2 Money: You want to impress your future employer first, then talk money and negotiation.Talk about money too soon, and you’ll come across as the “red flag candidate.”

#3 “I don’t have questions.” : Always come prepared with a couple of questions for each interviewer.

“Employers want engaged and dedicated employees, so demonstrate enthusiasm by asking intelligent questions.”


#4 “I don’t know how.” : These words show a lack of initiative and problem-solving skills. It shows incompetence in a job interview, so avoid this phrase at all costs.

In conclusion, be sure to always project confidence and speak with a strong voice.


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