Why Experts Say Don’t Accept a Counter Offer

Reasons not to accept a counter offer.Numerous career experts suggest it is never a good idea to accept a counter offer:

1) A counter offer is just a temporary solution to a bigger problem.

Much like a Band-Aid on a severe cut, a counter offer only masks underlying issues. For this reason, you should never waver on your decision to leave your job.

“You took the time to identify your reasons for leaving…there were issues that weren’t fixable…you found a new job that was a better match to your career.”

2) Bridges may be burned even after accepting a counter offer.

There’s a good chance things can become awkward if you stay at your old company. Leadership knows that you weren’t happy and it could be difficult to make amends.
Also, business owners may feel they can’t trust you like they used to–leading to resentment.

3) Employer’s hands may be tied.

Counter offers show on the surface that your employer doesn’t want you to go. While this may be true for the moment, there may be more to it than meets the eye.

According to Forbes, hiring new workers drains company resources.

“The cost of an entry-level position turning over is at 50% of salary, mid-level at 125% of salary, and senior executive over 200% of salary.”


In the end, accepting a counter offer is not a good career move. While it seems enticing, it won’t solve the issue that inspired you to job hunt in the first place.


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