How to Positively Impact Your Job Search in Spite of a Challenging Situation

job-interview-video-at-homeHere is some advice to help with your job search even in challenging times such as the current pandemic situation.

1) Understand the conditions under which you’re likely to be interviewing. Expect to participate in numerous phone and video interviews.

According to Forbes, go into it like a regular face-to-face interview.

“Wear exactly what you would if the interview were in person. Putting on business clothing signals to your brain that it’s time for work, not relaxation.”

2) Take other forms of communication into consideration. Send thank you notes throughout the job hunting process to keep human contact.

“Keep the letter concise, talk about specifics from the interview. Refer to the position and proofread to make sure you put your best foot forward.”

The impact from the virus situation may dramatically change the way people work for months. Now is the time to research so you can ace the job search process.

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